1. While booking, the following information is required: Full Names of Passengers alongwith ages of children, type of room required, check in and check out dates alongwith complete flight details. Normal Check-in and Checkout time of hotels 12 Noon and 11 AM respectively and may differ from hotel to hotel.

2. All bookings are made on pre-payment basis and payments have to be made in foreign currency as indicated in the directory valid for that period and as per Invoice raised before the cancellation deadline. If booking is made within the cancellation period, it will be mandatory to pay the full booking amount in advance

3. Payment in foreign currency must be accompanied with the 1st 3 pages of the passenger’s passport and pages on which foreign exchange endorsement is made for the particular trip or by the Foreign Exchange Purchase Receipt issued by the Exchange Dealer.

4. All rates are subject to revision if there is a fluctuation of over 3% in currency rates and without notice.


5. As per Schedule overleaf. Cancellation charges are to be paid along with booking service charges as billed by us.


6. Cancellation of reservation after commencement of travel can be done as follows:

a) Normally these will be effected through the GLOBOTEL office in India, which originated the booking providing 1 clear working day to effect the cancellation.

b) In case of paucity of time, clients may cancel the booking directly with the hotel and obtain a written confirmation from the hotel that the cancellation has been affected and no cancellation charges are applicable and our booking associates will not be billed. (There will be NO REFUND for all reconfirmed/guaranteed bookings in case of Trade Fairs. National Park bookings in the USA or where the hotels have a minimum number of days cancellation policy, even after the hotels cancellation confirmation.)

7. Cancellation charges are payable in the currencies specified under Bookings & Payments along with a Processing & Documentation charge applied both by our overseas associates and by us to cover the additional costs and services.


8. Changes can be effected only through the GLOBOTEL offices in India and subject to cancellation rules, availability of hotels and within the amount of the value of unutilized accommodation. Service charges for making such changes will be applied as per schedule overleaf. Most of the overseas associates do not work on Saturdays and Sundays and it is best to avoid Saturday, Sunday and Holiday for making changes.


9.a) Refunds will be made only in India and in INR as per RBI regulations. The refunds will be paid out after we receive the credit advice from our overseas associates, and can at times take upto 60 days from the date of receiving a written request along with all material documents for action from our end. All refunds will attract Processing and Documentation charges as specified in the schedule overleaf – which are subject to change without notice.

b) Claims of any type for refund must be lodged in writing within 15 days from the date of service, failing which Globotel and/or its associates will not be responsible for settlement of same.


10.a) Prices will be above regular rates.

b) Accommodation at some hotels must be sold for the full duration of the fair.

c) When a request is made for a fair period, we will confirm the rooms with a reconfirmation date. Unless you reconfirm by the due date, the reservation will be automatically cancelled. Reconfirmation can only be done after receiving full payment for the booking. Once reconfirmed you will be totally committed for all nights and no cancellation and modification will be accepted of any kind. There will not be any refunds for such reconfirmed bookings.

d) Single rooms may not be available and passengers will have to book twin rooms for single use.

e) Should part of the stay be during the Fair period, the higher fair period rate may apply for the whole stay.

NATIONAL PARKS IN USA – (e.g. Yosemite National Park)

11.a) These bookings are accepted only if made in conjunction with hotel bookings for at least two other major US cities and minimum of 4 nts with full payment in foreign currency at the time of booking.

b) Once confirmed, no cancellation can be effected.

c) No refunds will be made for unutilized services.


12.a) In North America, normally two children are allowed free of charge when sharing a room with 2 paying adults provided no additional bedding is required. The maximum age of the children allowed to share the room in this manner varies from 11 years – 18 years and is given under the heading FP (Family Plan).

b) In Europe, normally only infants below 2 years are allowed free of charge when sharing a room with 2 paying adults provided no additional bedding is required. If cots are required for children below 2 years, it may be provided at an additional cost. One Child between 2-12 years, may be allowed in a DBL room with or without extra bedding depending on hotel. For such cases, TWCH room must be booked and the price given under TWCH column will be applicable.

c) In other countries normally 1 child below 12 can be accommodated in 1 room without extra bedding and without breakfast.


13. Hotel Prices are contracted six months to a year in advance and hotels when having low occupancy are within their rights to lower rates or offer special promotions. We have no control over this and cannot be held responsible for their acts nor can it constitute cause for refund or any action against us.


14. GLOBOTEL is a division of Caravan Travels, and only acts as an agent for the passenger and does not own or manage any hotel or transport vehicle and hence is not liable for any loss, damage, accident injury, delay or irregularity of any nature whatsoever for or due to any acts of omission or default of any company/hotel/agent/vehicle or persons engaged in carrying out the arrangements.


15. The directory is provided to the travel agent for use in selling hotels and services listed to his customers ONLY through Globotel Reservation System. The contents cannot be copied, divulged or reproduced in any manner for distribution or any other purpose without the explicit written approval of Caravan Travels.

Terms & Conditions are subject to change without any prior notice. copyright @ Caravan Travels.